Elderly Counseling

Elderly Counseling in Staten Island, NY

Every new resident goes through a major transition when coming to Verrazano. Some come in for sub-acute stays. Others need a short-term stay for a brief transition, while many choose Verrazano as their permanent home. For residents and family members, our first line of action in counseling is to provide services for a comfortable transition and warm welcome as the resident moves into his or her room and integrates into our community.

Initial Analysis

A member of our team meets with each resident admitted to Verrazano, and they discuss expectations and concerns. We also conduct psychological evaluations and get to know the new resident so that we can help him find a fulfilling place in our community. If there are any present mental health concerns, we will set up a therapy plan and may refer patients to psychiatry, if necessary.

We want happy, well-adjusted residents who feel comfortable in their new living space and community. Whether a small or weighty concern arises, we are here to help your loved one through the emotional experience, providing expertise and years of training for rewarding one-on-one assistance.

Family Counseling

Placing a loved one in any nursing home can be an emotional and stressful decision for the entire family. While many factors come into play with this decision, we understand that maintaining a positive attitude is vital to a smooth transition. Comfortable, confident family members make residents feel much more satisfied and relaxed about their living situations. We aim to help families maintain a loving dynamic by working through emotions associated with admission to Verrazano. With family counseling services, our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to listen, and to advise if asked. Don’t hesitate to ask to speak with a counselor who has a wealth of expertise dealing with situations similar to yours.

Long-Term Care

As a part of a new resident’s comprehensive care plan, counseling is a significant aspect. Ensuring that our residents feel comfortable socially, in their personal lives, and emotionally is the basis of a satisfying experience in our living community. We discuss counseling services with each resident, including options for one-on-one therapy and group sessions.