Medical Management

Medical Management Staten Island, NY

Because part of your loved one’s stay at Verrazano may include addressing medical concerns, we go to great lengths to provide excellent medical case management. All of our teams work together, with families and residents, and with the resident’s physicians, for a comprehensive care plan.

Creating a Comprehensive Care Plan

Our social services department focuses heavily on resident satisfaction. Through cross-departmental cooperation, we maintain a staff in which every employee is on the same page. The rehabilitation coordinator will know your loved one’s history and daily plan, as will the counselordieticiannurse, and recreation coordinator.

This interdisciplinary team creates a personalized comprehensive care plan for every resident. The plan covers every aspect of a resident’s life at our facility, including admissions, medical assessments, screenings, personal preferences, counseling for the resident and family members, and referrals to outside agencies if a resident chooses to transition back into his or her home community.

Coordinating Beyond Verrazano

While our team includes skilled nurses, therapists, a dietitian, and other professionals, we often need to remain in close contact with individuals outside of Verrazano, such as a resident’s physicians and family members. Part of our medical management plan includes this coordination. Our social services department is the primary point of contact with a resident’s coordinating hospital, regarding medical records and treatment information. We also provide financial counseling to make sure that families understand their commitments and options for payment.

Regular Check-Ins with Residents

Individualized, personal care begins on the day of admission and continues throughout each resident’s stay. We keep progress notes and medical charts for easy access to records. In every aspect of a resident’s day, our team members take pride in working with residents to create the optimal experience. Fortunately, our small size allows us the luxury of close relationships, which creates an environment that feels like home.