Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy in Staten Island, NY

If you have suffered the debilitating effects of a physical or mental condition, occupational therapy can improve your daily quality of life. When difficulty with everyday living tasks, such as eating and dressing, interferes with living an independent life, nursing home occupational therapy will address and improve daily functioning. Putting the extra energy into relearning lost or impaired skills can set the stage for great strides in self-sufficiency and restored confidence.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Rather than defaulting to the idea that an individual must allow the results of a physical or mental illness to permanently disrupt their lives, occupational therapy explores and implements new ways for you to complete activities of daily living. In addition, occupational therapy reteaches basic and advanced skills when they have been lost after a trauma, such as a stroke. This form of therapy provides residents with a personalized care plan that targets his or her areas that need improvement. Areas may include self care, motor skills and coordination, and implementing your loved one’s environment with modifications and accessory devices that will make daily living much easier.

Why Do I Need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy provides the tools and skills you need to overcome limitations that keep you from accomplishing daily tasks. This form of therapy is often most beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, chronic pain, brain injury, or memory problems. Whether an individual suffers from arthritis and can no longer button his or her shirt through the usual means, or your loved one has lost the skills needed for home activities, like eating and folding clothing, occupational therapy will help. While impaired abilities that occur after an injury or illness may seem insurmountable, occupational therapy reteaches skills and guides residents toward new methods of completing tasks, for a greatly improved quality of life. Consider the following benefits of occupational therapy:

  • Improved Independence
  • Better Dexterity
  • Relearned Daily Skills
  • Improved Motor Skills
  • Better Balance and Posture
  • Improved Daily Comfort
  • Adapted Living Environment

Can You Treat My Problem?

Occupational therapy is an advantageous treatment that provides strategies for nearly any resident who is dealing with problems moving comfortably through daily life. Our therapists work with patients who have problems associated with psychological development, physical impairment, and issues with the environment that prevent him or her from socializing or living independently.

Occupational therapy addresses a broad range of needs. This therapy will improve the daily functioning of any resident ready to put forth a little extra daily effort. Our team may concentrate our attention on self care, such as dressing and bathing; personal management, such as balancing one’s checkbook, cleaning, or socializing with friends; or symptom management, such as improving memory or coping with chronic pain or discomfort. Our rehabilitation team looks forward to considering your loved one’s health history and current health status, personal goals, and unique circumstances, so we can create a comfortable plan tailored to short- and long-term goals that will offer lasting positive effects, increased confidence, and improved independence.