Pain Management

Pain Management Staten Island, NY

Communicating the intensity of pain is difficult and, sometimes, nearly impossible. While onlookers may empathize, at Verrazano we take pain management and a patient’s resulting emotions seriously. We have experience dealing with patients in pain, and we also possess the skills and tools to properly manage pain. Our team has also created a home-like environment in which your loved one can relax, comfortably, and live every day to the fullest.

What Is Pain Management?

Pain management is a branch of medicine that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating and managing physical discomfort. While pain-reducing medication is often employed as a first response to pain, by treating the underlying issue as well as the symptom, we can often improve a patient’s health while improving overall comfort long term.

How Will You Address My Pain?

The professional nursing staff at Verrazano will develop a treatment plan for your case. Whether your pain is caused by chronic illness or injury, and whether it is a short- or long-standing issue, we are prepared to help. By communicating with your most recent pain management doctors and speaking with you about your short- and long-term goals, we can efficiently treat you. Part of our protocol includes regular check-ins with our residents so that we will remain constantly informed of your loved one’s needs. Whether your condition remains the same, improves, or simply changes, we will alter treatment accordingly.

What Pain Management Treatments Do You Offer?

At Verrazano, we believe in taking a holistic approach to pain management, when it proves effective. In some cases, patients can be weaned off pain medication as their health and strength improve. While your loved one may simply feel pain and need pain-relieving medication immediately, a long-term goal of treating the underlying condition and improving health may drastically reduce the pain and the need for depending on medication. Because medication often causes undesirable side effects, such as fatigue, altered sense of taste, or negative reactions with other meds, the more we can truly heal your body, the better you will feel.

We provide the following treatments for pain management and healing: