Psychiatry in Staten Island, NY

Whether a Verrazano resident has chronic mental illness or needs to address a problem, such as a bout of depression, we offer psychiatry. If a patient was under the care of a psychiatrist before admission to Verrazano, or if a resident transitions from a mental health home, our social services department will contact the patient’s attending psychiatrist, if necessary, for records and medication history.

What Does Psychiatry Do for Residents?

Our goal is to promote a healthy environment for each resident and for our community as a whole. Psychiatrists monitor the mental health of their patients. We believe that psychiatric attention is a significant aspect of care, primarily for residents who suffer with a chronic mental illness. Psychiatrists can amend medications and dosages so that patients remain comfortable, emotionally and physically. In addition, a psychiatrist monitors a patient over time and will address any changes that occur, altering treatment when necessary. In addition, our psychiatry team works with nursing to ensure residents receive their proper medications and dosages, according to the doctor’s orders.

In addition, some of our residents come to us with mental illnesses that have become debilitating, and daily activities can no longer be performed. Through regular care and treatment, our team helps residents recover, when possible. In some cases, these patients can return to their original communities after learning how to cope with mental illness, how to treat it effectively, and how to live independently.

What If I’m Not Sure about My Medication?

The psychiatrists at Verrazano take a comprehensive approach to patient care. By considering a resident’s entire health history, speaking with our nurses, and coordinating with healthcare providers outside of Verrazano, the psychiatrists become part of the patient care team. Even if a patient is uncertain which medications he or she was taking until now, we will set up a detailed care plan that involves delivering the proper prescriptions and dosages. Leave the details up to us, and your loved one will enjoy his or her stay.