Social Service

Social Service Staten Island, NY

An integral part of Verrazano is our social services department. The team members in social services strive to go above and beyond so that each resident receives attentive care, from admission to discharge and every step between.

Placement and Discharge

The decision to move into Verrazano can be a big change for the resident, as well as family and friends. Many details must come together to create a seamless transition for the resident, from a hospital or private residence. Our social services team will make sure that your loved one and family members feel well cared for throughout the transition phase. We will assist with preparation, from paperwork to financing to coordinating with physicians. Our counselors are here for residents and their family members, should you need a little extra emotional support or a listening ear. During the discharge planning process, our social services department reaches out to the community resources necessary for ensuring that our former residents thrive and receive the optimal care they require for healthy, high-quality living. Our department refers to home care agencies, lesser level care facilities, such as assisted living or adults homes, as well as NYC Housing referrals, as needed.

Personalized Assessments

Though we speak thoroughly with each patient and his or her family to determine how to create a rewarding experience at Verrazano, we also administer personalized assessments for a complete understanding of each resident. These screenings provide our staff with important information that will ultimately contribute to the care and treatment plan, and happiness, of the resident. Some of these assessments include:

  • Psychosocial
  • Mini Mental Exams
  • MDS (Minimum Data Set) Assessment
  • MOOD interviews
  • IPRO Level II evaluation

Resident Coordinating

Within the cozy halls and rooms of Verrazano, there is a lot happening. Residents receive medical care, rehabilitation, and therapy. They participate in recreational activities and often form or join social groups. Visitors come in and out all the time. Residents have changing needs, whether social, dietary, or health-related, that we address on a day-to-day basis. Our social services team members coordinate among various departments, such as nursing and rehabilitation, to continually monitor a solid course of action for immediate needs and the long-term needs of each resident. If a patient requires speech therapy or is interested in therapeutic recreation, social services will ensure that those desires and healing options are met, according to the preferences of the resident. We also cross-check with nursing and outside services, such as hospitals that just released sub-acute patients, to make sure we have addressed every detail.

Social Service Fax: (718) 981-1569