Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy in Staten Island, NY

Aside from the very telling looks our more comedic residents share with our team, most of us rely on speaking for communication. If your family member’s speech has suffered as a result of an illness or injury, our dedicated rehabilitation team looks forward to providing therapy to improve the ability to speak clearly.

Potential Causes

You may be surprised after a stay at a hospital for a serious illness or injury that, in addition to medications and physical therapy, your loved one requires speech therapy. Realize that our entire body works as a unified whole. While the body has various systems that function differently, a wide array of conditions may affect oral motor skills. Perhaps a recent stroke has impaired the ability to swallow, causing changes speech patterns. Maybe an extended period of inactivity has weakened facial muscles, thereby negatively affecting typical speech patterns.

Diagnosis and Assessment

Our speech pathologist and rehabilitation team meet with every resident. We realize your loved one may come to Verrazano feeling frustrated about unwelcomed, recent physical changes, but we assure you that we will do our best to help our patient regain optimal function. By reviewing health history and speaking with the patient to gauge your speech capacity, we will create a speech therapy program tailored to individual needs.

Speech-language pathologists don’t focus only on the physical aspects of muscle function. Improving verbal communication also rests heavily on a resident’s ability to think and recall clearly. Rest assured that as we diagnose those particular aspects of your speech that need to change, we take an empathetic, friendly approach so you will feel comfortable and, above all else, full of hope and excitement.

Care and Therapy

Unless a patient has experienced speech therapy, he or she may feel unsure about what to expect. At Verrazano, we are aware that the need for speech therapy is not only to be able to speak clearly with loved ones but also among social groups or in your community.

With speech therapy, your loved one can expect that:

  • Our team will determine whether your loved one is having trouble with speech, or if he or she simply has difficulty hearing people speaking.
  • We will take a thorough look at medications or nutritional imbalances that may affect the ability to speak clearly.
  • Our staff will help your family member learn how to organize incoming communication so that he or she can effectively respond.
  • Your family member’s goal may include strengthening facial muscles for more articulate word formation.
  • Therapy may include breathing, pitch, and other exercises, like tongue placement, for improved oral communication.