Therapeutic Recreation

Staten Island, NY Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation, which you may know as recreational therapy, offers an approach to healing through a wide variety of interesting techniques. Rather than focusing solely on Western medicine or surgical procedures, our goal with therapeutic recreation is to help our residents regain function through unconventional and enjoyable means.

What Types of Problems Does Therapeutic Recreation Treat?

Therapeutic recreation typically addresses a functional disability that may prevent your family member from existing independently either at Verrazano or in his or her own home community. We will assess your loved one’s ability to move throughout the day and function in social situations. Specifically, we will:

  • address faltering motor skills that cause coordination problems and limit the ability to participate in the normal activities of daily living;
  • increase the patient’s activity level to improve mood and boost general health and fitness;
  • work on improving the patient’s self-esteem for easier functioning within social groups and at events.

What Types of Therapy Do You Offer?

While we keep a monthly calendar full of recreational activities for our residents to enjoy if your loved one feels less than confident about his or her ability to move, function, or socialize, participating in recreation may seem nearly impossible. Therapy can help.

We offer physical therapy that helps patients become more physically and mentally sharp. For example, if your loved one dislikes the idea of walking on a treadmill, but the gentle movement associated with dancing appeals to him, we will examine ways in which he or she can improve strength and endurance through dance. Perhaps your family member has trouble concentrating, performing tasks that require fine motor skills, or simply enjoying life. In this situation, we may tap into his or her love of art, theater, or crafts to help him reconnect with the activities that will bring healing and joy.

How Does Therapy Help Residents?

First, as we do with all of our residents at Verrazano, we will help your loved one by getting to know him. With therapy as personal as therapeutic recreation, our familiarity with what makes each resident happy is the most significant aspect of creating a care plan. Whether our social services team, rehabilitation team, or recreational team is assigned to help your loved one, we will all work together to create a comprehensive plan based on your family’s goals for your loved one’s health, wellness, and complete happiness. At Verrazano, our residents lead high-quality lives and enjoy being part of our community.