Tracheostomy Care

Staten Island, NY Tracheostomy Care

If your loved one is dealing with a tracheostomy, a surgically-created breathing hole in the neck, the skilled nursing staff at Verrazano is ready to assist. Whether the tracheostomy is temporary or permanent, we have the expertise to help tracheostomy patients live life with confidence.

Immediate Care

If your family member recently had tracheostomy surgery as a result of an emergency or serious condition, making the switch from having a full medical staff’s care to relying on intermittent home care can be difficult. Because staying at the hospital is pricey, but a home care nurse may not provide all the care and attention your loved one needs, consider Verrazano for sub-acute care. We will train your loved one on daily trach care and teach him how to communicate effectively during daily life.

Continued Care

For tracheostomy patients, our skilled nursing staff will promote excellent quality of life through education and hands-on assistance. Especially for someone with a new tracheostomy, our team is happy to explain information presented at the hospital, while giving you step-by-step instructions for home care.

Tracheostomy care can seem overwhelming, but with some practice, a patient can re-learn how to cough effectively or will become familiar with daily maintenance from our team’s instruction.

What Can I Expect?

At Verrazano, your loved one will quickly feel at home, even if a plan for transition from our facilities to home is in the near future. Unlike the institutional feeling of most hospitals, Verrazano offers a close-knit, family atmosphere, along with nursing assistance for tracheostomy care and training. We will make your loved one feel extremely comfortable and even offer counseling for extra emotional support.

For tracheostomy patients:

  • We will teach daily protective practices, including dust prevention.
  • Our team instructs trach patients how to clean their trach tube.
  • We can address discomfort as a patient adjusts to a trach.
  • Our team may provide speech therapy to address any problems with communication.