Wound Care

Wound Care in Staten Island, NY

Upon your arrival at Verrazano, especially if your loved one is transitioning from a hospital stay, wound care may be required. Whether your family member is dealing with a chronic issue or a healing injury, our nursing staff will maximize comfort and maintain clean, well-dressed wounds to facilitate prompt recovery.

What Is Wound Care?

Wound care involves appropriate maintenance, cleansing, and redressing of wounds. Neglecting wounds can result in infection and more advanced problems that require medical treatment. At Verrazano, our wound care team is led by a certified wound/ostomy nurse. The team conducts weekly rounds to all residents with wounds. Because extended stays in a hospital for wound care are typically expensive – and out of the budget for many – choosing Verrazano for your sub-acuteshort-term, or long-term stay offers a financially practical solution for maintaining your loved one’s health and comfort.

How Will You Treat My Wounds?

We will have a thorough discussion with you, while checking your loved one’s records from recent healthcare providers, to determine the right treatment plan. For patients recovering from a recent injury, wound care is quite different than that of patients with sores from a chronic illness, such as diabetes. As part of wound care, our nursing staff will handle:

  • Assessment of Skin Status
  • Debridement, or Wound Cleansing
  • Dressing Changes

We offer an aggressive wound-care program, including on-site casting, Wound VAC therapy, and lower extremity amputation prevention program (LEAP), and we provide low-air-loss mattresses for comfort and improved healing.

What If There Are Complications?

Our goal is to help your loved one maintain as much independence as is possible, while we provide medical care in lieu of a hospital stay. Patients who visit us during the transition from hospital visit will be placed on a recovery path to facilitate a prompt, confident return to home and community.

Because wounds require consistent care, our team will monitor your family member’s condition regularly. We will discuss concerns and discomfort to minimize them during your stay at Verrazano. Our nurses will perform a full assessment of the new resident’s condition to determine a treatment plan tailored to encourage healing while avoiding future wound problems.