Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy Staten Island NY

Like any close-knit neighborhood, an enjoyable part about living within a community is socializing. Whether you consider yourself a social butterfly, someone who prefers to enjoy the day through relaxation, or an activities lover, we have an ever-evolving calendar to suit your fancy.

Meet Our Director of the Recreation Department

Our Director has achieved a Bachelor’s degree in therapeutic administration and a concentration in therapeutic recreation from Dean University, she is enthusiastic about creating exciting monthly nursing home activities for our residents. Her team strives to meet the physical, mental, and psychosocial needs of each resident through recreation.

Get Out and About

If you’ve never considered yourself much of a homebody, you will enjoy our many opportunities for excursions. Buddy up with other residents as we embark on day trips away from the facility!

Religious Services

We ensure our residents have access to spiritual and religious services. Whether you are active in a church or synagogue, we ask that you speak with us regarding your spiritual needs so that we can best accommodate your personal practices. Our diverse community welcomes all faiths and greatly respects the unique heritage and traditions of each of our residents.

Group Social Events

When you’re ready for some cozy at-home socializing, our residents will enjoy a variety of activities, including, but not limited to, Bingo, Pokeno, and many social groups.

Music and Art and Relaxation

For residents who prefer enjoying life through creative arts, we offer a wealth of opportunities. For those who like to keep their hands moving, arts and crafts are a mainstay of our social calendar. We offer recreational therapy and pet therapy for residents who prefer a conceptually interesting experience.

Many of our residents participate in iPod therapy. Our team creates a custom playlist for your loved one, comprised of the music from his or her era and personal tastes. Listening to one’s favorite music has a calming effect, particularly for residents with behavioral issues. iPod therapy reduces anxiety and often allows our team to reduce medication use.

Taking in music that has touched one’s life is universally enjoyable, making this form of therapy a facility-wide favorite.